Learning account

How does the learning account work?

Through the learning account the Flemish government aims to safeguard the study progress of students covering all institutions. All students who register for the first time in Flemish higher education will automatically receive a 140 study credits learning account.  Awarding the learning account is done automatically on the basis of the national number.

The basic principle is very simple:

  • The number of credits for which you register will be subtracted from your learning account;
  • Credits for which you obtain a credit validation are added to your learning account. The first 60 credits obtained with a diploma contract in a bachelor degree programme even count double. (Attention: registered Fx marks are not taken into consideration for your learning account).

The learning account gives you a chance to obtain your bachelor degree on the one hand, even if you do not obtain all credits or if you want to change your degree programme or institution. There is a limit, however, on the study possibilities you get, i.e.: on what society wants to pay for your studies. The learning account forces you to manage your study choice in a conscious and realistic way and to take responsibility for your study progress.

You can follow up on your learning account through the student portal of the Flemish government (www.studentenportaal.be) via your national number ("rijksregisternummer" in Dutch – searching via name and address is possible as well but it is more complex). You have to log in for this via e-ID or via a token from the authorities.

What if your learning account is finished (insufficient, negative or no learning account credits left)?

  • Students who do not have any credits left or who do have a negative learning account will be refused
  • Students who have a limited learning account (between 1and 59 credits) can still register. They pay a double tuition fee for the credits for which the balance of their learning account is negative.


  • Students who already obtained an academic bachelor degree and have an insufficient learning account: if they want to register for follow-up courses, they will be admitted to a master degree insofar they did not obtain a master degree already
  • Students who have been registered for the passed 2 academic years without any break and have a maximum of 30 remaining credits to obtain their degree: they get permission to finish their degree for 1 academic year.

Students who want to start or finish a professional bachelor degree with an insufficient learning account, have to do so via a motivated letter to the person in charge (see art. 89 of the exam regulation). He/she can give admission after evaluation of the passed study track and the opportunities to complete the degree programme succesfully.

For more information about the learning account and your individual possibilities to register, please contact a student councellor of the Centre for Student Counselling, Guidance and Facilities.

Which study choice decisions influence your learning account ?

  • The number of credits you take in your study programme

In an ideal scenario you would only include the credits in your ISP for which you can actually obtain a credit validation. In this case your learning account will always be sufficient. Please carefully consider your options instead of automatically taking the normal 60 credits. Do not hesitate to ask advice from a learning path coach of your degree programme or a student counsellor of the Centre for Student Counselling, Guidance and Facilities.

Attention : students from academic degree programmes who register for the first time in a particular bachelor degree, have to follow the complete first stage degree programme or a set of courses between 25 and 35 credits from the first phase prescribed/fixed by the faculty.

  • Changing your study programme

Your learning account will only be refunded if you are cancel courses before 1 December for courses that start in the first semester and before 15 March for courses that start in the second semester. Courses that are added to your individual study programme will consequently decrease your learning account.

  • When you deregister for a degree programme and/or reorient towards a different degree programme
    • If you announce your de-registration before 1 December all credits taken in the original degree programmes will be added to your learning account again.
    • If you deregister between 1 December and 15 March: *
      • the credits of the courses you were registered for and that start in the first semester will definitely be taken from your learning account; (unless you obtain a credit for the courses concerned, then the credits are added to your learning account)
      • the credits of the courses that start in the second semester  will be added to your learning account. If you deregister after 15 March, there will not be any learning account rebate.

* Extra rule for generation students (= students who register for the first time with a diploma contract in Flemish higher education). When generation students reorient between 1 December and the end of the courses of the first semester, they lose only half of the learning account credits for the first semester coursses and year courses.