To which class group do I belong?

Upon registration a student is allocated to a class group. There are 2 possible ways to be allocated to a class group:

  1. Automatically upon registration (the number of available groups is being filled up proportionally).
  2. Individual allocation by the degree programme (the department does allocate students to a group based on specific student requirements). The head of department of your degree programme informs the student of the class group.

Every stream decides how they allocate their class groups for themselves. Click here to know how this happens for your stream. Choose your stream and navigate to ‘Class groups and being assigned to a class group.’

An overview of the different possibilities:

  1. I am following a model route (= I am only taking courses from 1 degree programme stage)
  2. I am following an individualised route (= I am taking courses from multiple degree programme stages)

How to request a change of class group ?

Only new students who are registered for the first time in a certain study programme can apply to change class. For some programmes, an authorization from the programmeis required to be able to change classes.
As a student you will find more information about this on the student portal.