FAQ student portal

General status:

05/11: These problems have been solved:

  • Calendar

  • Change language

  • HTTP-error-500

  • iOS12 

  • Open notifications



Change language





Minimal version for Android is 4.4 or higher

Minimal version for iOS is 9 or higher

There is no app version for Windows 10


Use Chrome or Firefox

The information and programme pages are not loaded in Internet Explorer and Edge

Change language

You can change the language by clicking on the icon at the top right.

Then choose 'Preferences' and set the correct language.


Via the 'Mail' tile you can consult your e-mails on the student portal.

You may receive an error message if you want to send mails from that area.

This is an error for which a solution is prepared by the supplier.

05/11: the 'o365 Outlook' tile was temporarily placed. Whoever wants to use the mail tile to check his mails can retrieve it from the hidden tiles. Go to 'Personalize' => Hidden tiles => click on the 'Mail' tile and place it under the 'Student cousneling' tile. Then click on 'Save'.


Notifications or quick messages are shown in the student portal at the bell.

They are messages that are urgent and have immediate impact.

That is why they are also pushed onto the screen in the app.

To make this possible, this function must be turned on and the latest version must be installed.

Version 3.0.2 was made available for this in the app stores on 28 September.

Notifications can be opened by clicking the 'Show more-Show less' button.


It happens that a dashboard is not always fully visible.

Sometimes the navigation does not appear in the left column. 

Sometimes the dashboard remains if you want to switch to another dashboard.

Click the F5 key once or more times or use the browser button to reload the page.

In Chrome you will find that button to the left of the URL, in Firefox right of it.