Activate account(s)

Each Odisee student must activate 2 accounts; an Odisee account and an account of the KU Leuven association. When your online registration has been processed, we will send two e-mails to your personal e-mail address.
If you do not receive one, or any, of these e-mail(s) (check your SPAM folder first), please send an email to

What you will use each account for is explained in STEP 3.

Step 1: activating your Odisee-account

Please note: Wait at least 3 hours after you receive the e-mail before trying to activate your account.

  • Open the e-mail ‘Activation Odisee-account’
  • Click on the link 'Activate your Odisee account here'
  • Your account name, the activation code and your personal e-mail address will be automatically filled in
  • Enter your mobile phone number
  • Check the box next to the disclaimer, click on 'Continue' and follow the instructions

Step 2: activating your account of the KU Leuven association

  • Open the e-mail ‘Activation account KU Leuven association’
  • Click on the link ‘Activate your account of the KU Leuven association here’
  • Your user name will be automatically filled in so you can click on ‘Next’
  • Fill in your national registration number (if you already have one) and choose a password
  • Repeat your password and click on ‘Next’

Step 3

Your accounts have been activated!

  • You use your Odisee-account (first name.last name) to:
    • log on to the student portal ‘’
    • consult your Odisee-mailbox 
    • order your course materials and books (via the website of the ‘Standaard Boekhandel’ (bookshop), not for students of campus Schaarbeek)
    • log on to the computers of Odisee (classrooms, library, …) 
  • You use your account of the KU Leuven association (student number) to gain access to all IT applications offered by the KU Leuven Association, such as:
    • your My Admin (to access the self-service for attestations, your course schedule, your individual study programme (ISP), your exam card, your exam results,..)
    • the learning platform Toledo

If you have any questions or problems when activating your accounts, you can report them here.

If you want to change your password(s) later on or if you forgot your password(s) please check the info on > tile activate accounts / change password.